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Mermaids and Whales

You were a mermaid, I was a whale

I made weird noises and you couldn’t tell

What I was sayin’, sayin’ to you

My words got all mixed up in the big ocean blue

Then came a big ship, and stole you away

They made you a woman, and that way you’d stay

You became a gypsy, and you wore your beads

You danced to music, o’er the seven seas

Until one day you saw me, heard my strange noises too

Say “hey mister big whale, I wanna be friends with you!”

So you made a potion, and said a quick spell

And hoped that one day this story you’d tell

About your marvelous plan to turn a whale to a man

So we’ll live on forever on the big pirate ship

Singing songs about nothing on our eternal trip

We’ll sell shells at the market and play ‘round the pier

Walk down the street and sometimes you’ll hear

The song of the tortoise saying “go with the flow,

“You can see so much better if you go through life slow,

“You’ll hear the song of the ocean and the call of the whale,

“You’ll see the dance of the mermaid, and her colorful tail!”

The sparrow he tells me “son you got it good,

“You’ve got the love of the gypsy and a boatload of rum!”

So I came to find you and sing you this song

And we’ll continue to float on and soak up the sun

We’ll dance and drink rum until our journey is done

Song lyrics written in 2007 or so, was once recorded with a friend but that probably doesn’t exist anymore.